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Xstream 3fl Oz

Xstream 3fl Oz

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XStream premixed fetish urine offers the ultimate solution for those seeking a realistic and reliable synthetic urine option. Each meticulously designed bottle includes a comprehensive set of features to ensure a discreet and authentic experience:

Key Features of XStream Fetish Urine:

  1. 3oz Premixed Fetish Urine: Inside each bottle is 3 ounces of expertly crafted premixed fetish urine, providing a lifelike alternative for various scenarios where real urine may be impractical or undesirable.

  2. Temperature Strip: Achieve the perfect temperature for your sample with the included temperature strip. This essential tool helps you monitor and adjust the urine's temperature to mimic the natural warmth of the human body.

  3. Hand Warmer: The package includes a hand warmer designed to maintain the urine at body temperature for a minimum of 6 hours. This feature ensures that your sample remains realistic and undetectable, even during extended periods.

  4. Rubber Band: Use the provided rubber band to securely attach the hand warmer to the bottle. This practical accessory ensures that the hand warmer stays in place, maintaining the ideal temperature for your synthetic urine sample.

XStream fetish urine is designed for discretion and reliability, offering a comprehensive solution for various situations where synthetic urine is required. Trust in the authenticity of XStream and its thoughtful features to provide a hassle-free and convincing alternative when needed.

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